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Prepare for Your Next Outing With Quality Hunting Gear

Whether you prefer to hunt deer, pheasant, or turkey, the right equipment makes all the difference. At Captains Hook, we believe that the benefits of quality hunting gear are three-fold. Hunting gear boosts your hunting experience in these ways:

  1. Offers safety and protection
  2. Improves ability to camouflage and conceal
  3. Allows easier access to hard-to-reach places

If you are looking to achieve one or more of these goals, shop our line of quality hunting gear. We have a vast selection of products. If you are looking for something specific, be sure to try our search toolbar at the top left of the page.

Protect Yourself Against the Dangers of Hunting

You have bought your license and scouted the best locations, but without the industry’s best equipment, you may not be fully prepared. As a long-time hunter, you don’t need to be told about the inherent dangers of the sport.

Hunting is challenging. While in the wilderness, you could slip, fall, or otherwise injure yourself. After shooting your weapon, you could suffer from temporary or permanent hearing loss. And, as you brave the elements, you might suffer from exhaustion, dehydration, or disorientation. You need to protect yourself from these indisputable risks.

Fortunately, you can purchase your protective hunting gear from Captains Hook. We can provide you with these protective pieces of equipment:

  • Non-firearm law enforcement (stun guns, mace, and repellent)
  • Camo cream and concealment tents
  • Ultra-strong paracords and stretch cords
  • Gun rests and bench bags
  • Tree stands and steps
  • Safety equipment

When it comes to all of the hunting gear we supply, this list barely scratches the surface. Browse our inventory by scrolling down the page and clicking on items that interest you.

Call If You Have Questions

If you have any questions about an item from our hunting gear line, do not hesitate to call. You can reach our support line at 609-972-5267.